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Spencerian College - Tuition Agreement

Upon entry into Spencerian College, the undersigned agrees to pay Spencerian College the following fees found in Catalog Supplement A

The school reserves the right to reject any application for admission. If the student fails to start classes there is no tuition obligation. (Note: The student may be obligated under the aforementioned circumstances for fees paid to obtain transcripts from previously attended Institutions or GED verifications, books and supplies received, and the application fee paid to Spencerian College.) If the student cancels with written notice within three (3) working days of application, or the application is rejected by the school, all prepaid tuition and fees will be refunded. If the student withdraws or is withdrawn prior to the completion of the quarter of enrollment, he or she will adhere to the tuition reduction policy as outlined on the 2nd page of this document. Any refunds or adjustments will be based upon the tuition as stated above and the last date of recorded attendance. Refunds will be made within 30 days of determination of the student's non-attendance or withdrawal. If a student withdraws, is withdrawn and/or graduates and, has not paid in full the nonrefundable percentage of the tuition, fees, books and supplies, the remaining unpaid balance must still be paid as agreed. Any student withdrawing from school must see a school official In order to complete an exit interview.

As long as academic progress is being made, the student has up to one and one-half times the program length for completion of the program without an increase in the tuition rate. Other charges and fees are subject to change as deemed necessary and appropriate by the college. Graduates from a full program of study that have met all obligations to the school shall have access to the school's Career Services department and have course review privileges on any subject completed and still offered by the college. I understand that a job employment service is provided, but a job is not guaranteed. The student acknowledges receipt of the school catalog which provides additional information regarding, but not limited to, student responsibilities and obligations, academic programs, attendance policies, academic progress, graduation requirements, services offered, codes of conduct, financial programs and procedures, tuition reduction policies; return of Title IV Funds, and other relevant information. A student may be terminated by the school prior to completion for insufficient academic progress, non-payment, or failure to comply with the college's rules and policies. The student agrees the school may use his or her name and picture in college literature, publications, or advertising without recompense. The student understands that the college may update the curriculum at any time without additional tuition charge to the student as long as he or she remains continuously enrolled.

Day Class hours are Monday through Thursday 8am to 5:50pm (Day classes may require you to meet on Fridays), Saturday class hours are 8am to 3:40pm, Evening class hours are Monday through Thursday 6pm to 9:40 pm. This agreement is not binding until the date of student entrance.

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By submitting this form, I agree that Spencerian College may call/text me, manually and/or by automated dialing system, at the telephone number or numbers I provided about educational products or services or about other products or services in which Spencerian College believes I may be interested. I understand that I am not required to consent or otherwise provide to Spencerian College my contact information or agree to be contacted as a condition of purchasing or receiving any products or services from Spencerian College.

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